Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse (RJN-00013) Pastel Blue Model 1929 Open Box


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RJN-00013 Open Box
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Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse (RJN-00013) Pastel Blue Model 1929 Open Box.

Technology details

Mouse tracking system: Red tracking

Imaging rate: Dynamically adaptable to 4,000 frames per second

X-Y resolution: 1000 points per inch (39.4 points per millimetre)

Tracking speed: Up to 30 inches (762 millimetres) per second

Product feature performance

Mouse button features: 4 buttons: left, right, wheel, power (press >3 seconds to pair) 

Scrolling features: Modern wheel for vertical scrolling and button clicking

Advanced features: Swift Pair for easy mouse-to-computer pairing3

Customisable features:4 X-Y resolution adjusting; wheel button function reassignment; left and right click swap; wheel customisation; battery level reporting

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